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logo depicting upper half of a person's face that has different colors, eyes, and hair

Code Switch+


Fearless conversations on race. Sponsor-free.

logo of a stylized, open window and the word "why" with an extra 'y'

Fresh Air+


Invigorating interviews. Sponsor-free.

logo with a smiling man's upper body underlined by a speech bubble with the title

It's Been A Minute+


Conversations you love. Sponsor-free.

logo with overlapping tiles holding title text on grid background

Life Kit+


Pro tips for a life well-lived. Sponsor-free.

logo with microphone emanating radio waves

The NPR Politics Podcast+


Political analysis you need. Sponsor-free.

logo featuring an astronaut with George Washington's face from the dollar bill plus a rollercoaster and lavender-colored background

Planet Money+


Three shows. Bonus episodes. Sponsor-free.

logo of festive stars and bubbles around the title

Pop Culture Happy Hour+


Cultural chatter you need. Sponsor-free.

logo depicting a standing wave with vertical bars

Short Wave+


The science reporting you love. Sponsor-free.

logo of title in red and white on swirling purple background

TED Radio Hour+


Brainy miscellany from some of the world's biggest thinkers. Sponsor-free.

logo depicting several thin lines forming a circle bisected by the title



History re-storytelling you love. Sponsor-free.

logo showing an exclamation point comprised of a rolled newspaper and dot

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!+


Newsy mayhem. Bonus episodes. Sponsor-free.


How do I sign up for a podcast's Plus feed?

It’s easy! Navigate to your preferred show’s subscribe page above. Then sign up by selecting a monthly or annual payment and submitting your payment details. From there follow the steps on the confirmation page to get your Plus podcast feed setup in your preferred podcast app.

I donate to my local public radio station. Does that give me access to NPR’s sponsor-free podcast feeds?

Thanks for your donation! At this time, Plus podcasts are not linked in any way to donations or local station memberships.

What NPR Plus podcasts are currently available?

Right now you can sign up for sponsor-free versions of Code Switch, Fresh Air, It's Been A Minute, Life Kit, The NPR Politics Podcast, Planet Money, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Short Wave, TED Radio Hour, Throughline, and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!.

I am a fan of several NPR podcasts. How can I access all of the available Plus feeds?

To access to all of your favorite podcasts’ Plus feeds you should subscribe to each show individually.